Why started.

Xtreme Medical Service (XMS) was developed as the powersport specialist branch of First Response Ontario. These elite professional paramedics have extensive training and experience managing traumatic injuries in a race culture. XMS was formed to address the challenges event coordinators were facing when using other pre-hospital care providers who were not sufficiently qualified or who were using ill prepared volunteers. Many of these providers did not understand the dynamic of powersport events thus creating a gap in the care provided and opening up the events themselves to potential liabilities.
XMS is a subsidiary of First Response Ontario (FRO). Since 2005, FRO has been providing clinical excellence-focussed paramedic services to special and sporting events, film productions, and industrial sites across Canada.

Our Services


  • Fully certified paramedics who are specialists in patient extrication and emergency pre-hospital care.
  • These highly trained medical professionals provide dedicated stand-by teams for any powersport event.
  • XMS Paramedics are ready to respond to all types of emergencies to provide medical assessment and treatment, and recommendations on transport to hospital.
  • Effective and discreet injury management.
  • Event Management Risk Analysis and custom tailored response planning.
  • High profile uniformed Paramedics.
  • Comprehensive Patient Care Reports, detailed Event Occurrence Summary, and completion of any required insurance injury reports.
  • Full complement of modern equipment and supplies.
  • Wide range of service vehicles including ambulances, rapid response cars, all-terrain vehicles, and bicycles.
  • Radio communication equipment.

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